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Toys in Daily Life

21 Nov

Hello People, how are you??? It has been a looong looong time that I didn’t see u guys! I’m so so so sorry for leaving this web for almost 9 months! Wowww so long x_x

Well, today, I’m going to present my article entitled “Toys in Daily Life”. Yea, for almost 4 months I joined in a group of toys lover on instagram. This activity is so much fun! In every day, the group has a daily meeting between the member (we called each-other as “buddy”), it usually at 7-9 pm in my time (Bangkok time), we have to make a posting of toys photos in this group.



Only 1 photo that allowed to post in this event, buddies are required to likes and comments on the other photos. For me, this activity is not only to entertain other people, but also to learn something in photography, to get knowledge, to share the idea, and to make a social-relation between the buddies. We have a close relation in a virtual-world and I enjoy this activity.



So people, if you love toys and photoghraphy lets join in our community on instagram which hashtags are #toycrewbuddies, #toyplanet, and #toyrevolution. Keep toys alive! Enjoy!



“Death Note” Talks

19 Jul

Both Light Yagami (Yagami Raito/ Kira) and L are my favorite ‘nendoroid’ characters. The characters come from ‘Death Note’ Japanese animation series.

I like playing nendoroids. From this activity, I can imagine many scenarios of conversation. Look! How cute they are! xD

What are they talking about? Could you tell me? 😉


Well,it’s very interesting, isn’t it?