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Classic Ice Cream

21 Aug

One day, I entered an ice cream café and ordered a cup of coco-ice cream. When I tasted the coco-ice cream, there was a funny experience. Suddenly, this ice cream reminded me about my childhood. How come? Did you ever have the same experience? When you found ‘something’ that you didn’t see for a long time, it made you remembering about your activities in the past and you miss it so much. That’s what happened to me.

I remember when I was a child, my mom always fill out the refrigerator with my favorite ice cream, Manna Ice Cream, because she knew that I love this ice cream very much and so did my friends. After school time, my friends came to my house to eat ice cream together.

Manna Ice Cream is a local brand, and it was a famous brand. Every store used to sell this ice cream. It produces many kind of ice cream taste, such as chocolate, coconut, durian, strawberry, tutti-frutti, etc. Now, I can tell you that the taste of ice cream is so very ‘classic’ and so 90’s! Lol. Yea, when I tasted this ice cream, I remembered about that time. My little friends, my old neighborhood, my yard, and ‘pong-pong’, my cat…

Overall, I surprised to know that this ice cream still exist in this time, because for a long time, I didn’t see this product anymore. I know, there are many brands of ice cream products, and it might be tough in rivalry. The seller told me ‘Now, Manna Ice Cream only can be found at this place’.