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Would like to visiting 1930 era and spend the nights like a Tarzan?

18 Sep

Hello Visitors! Long time no see! I’ve just had a great vacation with my family a week ago, and I’ll share it all for you my dear visitors! 😀

I spent my holiday in Malang, a unique town which is located on East Java, Indonesia. Malang is a popular spot in tourism and become to a tourist destination, because there are many interesting places to visit. Check it out! What I got there!

(My little sister loves this chocolate parfait ice-cream, yummy!)

First place, I’ll take you to the ‘classic restaurant’, Toko Oen. You can order some meals and ice cream which taste are so 40’s! Lol, Yea, If you enter this restaurant, it’ll bring you back to that time, because this restaurant still maintains its interior design since 1930. Waoooo, It’s so long looooong time ago, isn’t it? At that time, Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch, that’s why you can see the ornament which is written in Dutch language.

(Toko Oen, Malang, East Java, Indonesia)

The second place that I’ve visited is Jatim Park 2. There are 2 kinds of Parks. If you visit Jatim Park 1, you’ll have many kinds of games for fun, but I prefer to visit Jatim Park 2, because it not only has fun games, but it also has an interesting museum and also zoo. Make sure that you have a lot of time to visit Jatim Park 2, because you’ll need a whole day for walking around this area! 😀

(Jatim Park 2 Museum – Mammoth Fossil)

(Jatim Park 2 Museum – Animals Preservation)

(Jatim Park 2 – Batu Secret Zoo)

Hmmm… Or maybe you want to be Tarzan? Don’t worry! There is also a ‘tree-house’ which located near to the zoo! Just open your window, and yell out “AUO…UO…UO…” then all of the animals can hear you! You can stay in this unique hotel for couple days and enjoy your ‘wild life’ like a Tarzan 😉

(Jatim Park 2 – Pohon (Tree) Inn)

And for last, I’ll take you to my favorite restaurant, Lol, maybe you will surprise because this traditional meal is served on the banana leaf, not on the plate. But, trust me, it’s sooooooo delicious! Yummy! This traditional meal called ‘pecel madiun’. It’s similar to salad, but for sauce is made from peanuts and served along with rice. Enjoy it! :9

(Pecel Madiun – traditional meal from East Java)

That’s all my dear visitors, I hope that you enjoy in reading this post! Have a nice day for you all!