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Design Your Own Cover

26 Feb

Helllloooooo visitors! Happy New Year to You all! It’s surprising that this is my first post in this year, Lol,

I’m sorry that I haven’t appeared for almost 4 months! Yeah… cz there were many things to do in my life :p

In short, I was sooooo busy… Hohoho

But don’t worry, now I’m back and I’ll share an interesting topic in this site.

Last night, I tried a new feature of facebook timeline and it turned out to be so fun! At first, I was not interested in using this timeline because I thought it might be confusing to read. Yeah… That’s true… However, we’ll find something fancy from this feature especially in cover design if we know how to use this timeline.

Let’s see what I did in this facebook cover….

Actually, there are many covers that I can get in other websites such as:


But I prefer to make my own covers because I can choose my favorite words, arts, colors and make it cute 😉

why not?


So, make your own cover! It’s so simple! You can use photo editing programs to make this cover and add some texts on it.

Hmm… Is there anyone who doesn’t have photo editing program? Hohoho… No need to worry! I have a good idea for you! Use Microsoft PowerPoint and Paint 😀

Here are the steps:

Step 1

  • Move to Paint
  • CTRL+V

Step 2

  • Save as type JPEG
  • Make sure that picture dimension is about 800 x 200 pixels
  • And Tarraaaaa!!! You get your own cover!

So? What are you waiting for? Let’s try!