Bonnie and Clyde in Action

6 Jul

At the end of months, the police officers in my city usually do some inspections. They will check our driving license and vehicle registration for the security. If there any something wrong with those documents, then we have to pay for fines. My friends, who came from other cities, surprised of this frequent activity, “Wao! It can make me broke!” Yea definitely, they don’t have complete documents.

That was happen on me when I and my boyfriend were going to someplace. I could see how his face so pale when he saw there were so many police officer (He ever had a bad experience with police officer)

“Oh no! We should go back!” he said.

“What?! No! Don’t! It’s not possible to go back! This is one-way! You can’t go back!” I was shocked when we just too close hit a car. A police officer knew what we did and he commanded us to step aside.

“We’re going to die… My driving license has expired! Moreover, I don’t bring the vehicle registration….” My boyfriend said to me.

O.. God! I don’t know what to say when my boyfriend told the bad thing, so I just calculate the number and how much we should pay for the fines while my boyfriend met the police officer, and there was not enough money for pay fines! So, I just waited.

Five minutes later, my boyfriend came and talked to me, “Listen, we have to runaway, just act that everything is fine. You see… there are many police officers outside.”

“How ‘bout your driving license? They took that.”

“Don’t worry, it is expired… Did you know that my driver license is illegal? I put my fake address on it. Moreover I’m going to move other city next month for job. So don’t worry, they can’t find me.”

It might be crazy, but… okay, I followed his direction. So, we pass through the officer, took the scooter, and gone! Say ‘Bye’ to the police officers!

“You know, If you live with me, you must do some crimes like this.” My boyfriend said. Really? Like Bonnie and Clyde? Therefore for the readers, please don’t do what we did.


God Save My Life

1 Jul

For many times I have traveled by airplane and I used to be not afraid for flight, but for now, it can be said that I hate to fly with a national airplane. I still remember, there were plane accidents in 2001-2005, in my country, Indonesia, for 29 times! (It’s a fantastic number, isn’t?) How come? Some airplanes were taken from other countries and some of them are “old stuff”. That’s why I can’t trust in national flight safety.

Today, I took a flight and that was a creepy experience which made me shocked. There was turbulence which affected the whole of plane shaken. I looked at the window and so cloudy…. The pilot informed to the passenger that we have to wait till 1 hour because it was not possible for landing because there was a bad weather. A man who seated next to me just whispered in pray. Oh God what should I do? I do nothing….just pray and pray….many things in my mind…I’m not married yet, not having a children yet, not wearing hijab yet, not finish journey yet, and that’s it? If anything happen in my life at this time, then what I live for?
So, thanks God for saving my life and give a chance for me, because He understands that I should do the best thing in life and reach all my dreams.
The plane had succeed in landing. However I could see that the passengers were so panic. Well, for the next trip I prefer to take land transportation.

I Love Weekend!!!

29 Jun

This what I’m doing in weekend, hang out with my friend, Almira, as miley cyrus says “when the working day is done, girl just wanna have fun” 😀

She is my best friend, and for seven years we had made our friendship. That’s been a long time, isn’t?
As best friend,we always shared everything… When I was in trouble,she said “come on,you can do it” or maybe something happened that makes me sad, then she told something funny that made me laugh, and so do I, that’s what a friend for,
Hmmm…but for me she is not only a friend, but also sister.

Well there were stories of us that I can’t tell here, but surely I can’t let anyone hurts her feeling because I will very angry and very mad on anyone who hurts her feeling.
Then I learn from this moment, it’s easy to have many friends, but it’s not easy to keep a friendship which makes it very special. Trust me that “one of the best feelings is discovering that you are still appreciated by someone” ~ ItsThingsInLife 🙂

a talented boy

18 Jun

Have you ever seen before?

He is Sungha Jung, a Korean boy who makes others impressed in him because of his talent in playing guitar. This is one of his videos in playing guitar, “More than Words”. Actually, I don’t really like this song, because there are too many people who sing this song and I thought that’s so boring. But, when I found this song in acoustic song of Sungha Jung video, whatta amazing! In his age, I can’t believe that he plays guitar like a professional!

well, two thumbs up for this boy! Good luck! 😀

a cute bunny

16 Jun

Well, let me introduce my pet, her name is Hyewon (like korean name) :p but we usually call her ‘yewon’ (without ‘H’) or mba ewon-(like the javanese called their older sister).

Actually, I’m a rabbit lover. When I was a child, my aunt gave me 3 bunnies…. :3 and since that time, I suddenly love that animal. However, take care of the animals is not easy, in many times when I got a bunny, then she died only in 3 days… 😦 so that, we should give a full attention.

I took yewon when she was 3 months age at the pet shop. She was so small and cute little bunny :3 she loves to eat some sweet meals, such as cookies, banana cakes, or black forest, but I rarely give sweet meals to her because it is not good for her health. She always eats dry food (you can buy dry food in pet shop) and drinks fresh water that’s why she is very healthy 🙂
Now, she is 8 months age and I think she is ready to have babies, but I’m not ready =____=”

There are friends who waiting for yewon’s babies. They wanna keep yewon’s babies and I just can tell them, “Hmm… You have to wait for a while,” :p

Feeling comfortable – Little Sister

6 Jun

My little sister makes me feel good 🙂
Did you know, it is 13 years between me and my sister 😀 Lol. Some people might be surprise with this information. Hmm…but for me,having a little sister makes my life become colorful 😀

When I got stuck in any problems that made me sad then feeling lost. I didn’t know how to share my feeling while my best friend was not here because she went to thailand for a duty,and my bf was so very busy with his engineering stuff… Then, my little sister was standing beside me and talked to me, “let’s eat ice cream!” After that,I feel better. She told me about her friends in school, and funny stories… Taking some picture of us in funny expressions by camera-phone… Watching a cartoon movie that makes us laugh…. She had repaired my mood in any way 🙂
I love spent my time with her. One day on the afternoon, I picked up my little sister from her school, and took her to the cafe where she can read many comics. There was a man who sat behind the counter. He looked at me and my sister. When I walked to him for purchased some meals, he asked me, “Is she your daughter?” Lol, “No, she is my sister,” then he smiled, “Oww…so, it doesn’t matter for me to know your name? And maybe get your phone number?” Lol…. Oh that’s why he asked me about my sister, hmmm….. Actually,my sister didn’t like that man and told me, “You should told him that I’m your daughter!” Lol 😀

Feeling desperate – Being a vampire

5 Jun

I wanna be a vampire…

In my opinion,vampire is a creature who has freedom and he/ she is also independently. No need for family that binds you with many rules, no need for formal school (perhaps they can take unformal education :p), no need for getting a job because all that they needed is only blood,they should not spend their money for buy any food and also vehicles,because they can fly. Because of this independently, it means that vampires need not to see them, annoying people. Yea, many annoying people out there that I don’t really want to see.
I’m so tired tonight…. Is there any vampire who walks along the street in front of my house? Please suck my blood and say “welcome to my world”.