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Toys in Daily Life

21 Nov

Hello People, how are you??? It has been a looong looong time that I didn’t see u guys! I’m so so so sorry for leaving this web for almost 9 months! Wowww so long x_x

Well, today, I’m going to present my article entitled “Toys in Daily Life”. Yea, for almost 4 months I joined in a group of toys lover on instagram. This activity is so much fun! In every day, the group has a daily meeting between the member (we called each-other as “buddy”), it usually at 7-9 pm in my time (Bangkok time), we have to make a posting of toys photos in this group.



Only 1 photo that allowed to post in this event, buddies are required to likes and comments on the other photos. For me, this activity is not only to entertain other people, but also to learn something in photography, to get knowledge, to share the idea, and to make a social-relation between the buddies. We have a close relation in a virtual-world and I enjoy this activity.



So people, if you love toys and photoghraphy lets join in our community on instagram which hashtags are #toycrewbuddies, #toyplanet, and #toyrevolution. Keep toys alive! Enjoy!



Design Your Own Cover

26 Feb

Helllloooooo visitors! Happy New Year to You all! It’s surprising that this is my first post in this year, Lol,

I’m sorry that I haven’t appeared for almost 4 months! Yeah… cz there were many things to do in my life :p

In short, I was sooooo busy… Hohoho

But don’t worry, now I’m back and I’ll share an interesting topic in this site.

Last night, I tried a new feature of facebook timeline and it turned out to be so fun! At first, I was not interested in using this timeline because I thought it might be confusing to read. Yeah… That’s true… However, we’ll find something fancy from this feature especially in cover design if we know how to use this timeline.

Let’s see what I did in this facebook cover….

Actually, there are many covers that I can get in other websites such as:


But I prefer to make my own covers because I can choose my favorite words, arts, colors and make it cute 😉

why not?


So, make your own cover! It’s so simple! You can use photo editing programs to make this cover and add some texts on it.

Hmm… Is there anyone who doesn’t have photo editing program? Hohoho… No need to worry! I have a good idea for you! Use Microsoft PowerPoint and Paint 😀

Here are the steps:

Step 1

  • Move to Paint
  • CTRL+V

Step 2

  • Save as type JPEG
  • Make sure that picture dimension is about 800 x 200 pixels
  • And Tarraaaaa!!! You get your own cover!

So? What are you waiting for? Let’s try!

Let’s Color Your Life!

22 Oct

For a couple weeks, I am crazy about photo editing, Lol… 😀 This activity is soooo fun! You can manage your own picture as you like, just like a professional editor, hahaha. Sometimes, I also put some quotes on it 🙂 So that, people not only see the picture, but also they can read any quotes that coloring your life 😉 This link Picnik is very useful to make a good picture. It’s application. Some of them are free access, but you can also use picnik premium for more features and content.

See what happen with my pictures 😀

This is me and my cute room :p



This is old photo, taken by my bf 3 years ago…



This is me and my bf when we were high school and I added a poem on it, Lol :p



This photo was taken when I got birthday, hmm… seems happy 😀



And last is my friend’s photo, Sailam, he loves this photo after I made some changes,



That’s all visitors, 😀

Hope it will inspire you to make a good picture of yours 😉

Have a nice day!

Would like to visiting 1930 era and spend the nights like a Tarzan?

18 Sep

Hello Visitors! Long time no see! I’ve just had a great vacation with my family a week ago, and I’ll share it all for you my dear visitors! 😀

I spent my holiday in Malang, a unique town which is located on East Java, Indonesia. Malang is a popular spot in tourism and become to a tourist destination, because there are many interesting places to visit. Check it out! What I got there!

(My little sister loves this chocolate parfait ice-cream, yummy!)

First place, I’ll take you to the ‘classic restaurant’, Toko Oen. You can order some meals and ice cream which taste are so 40’s! Lol, Yea, If you enter this restaurant, it’ll bring you back to that time, because this restaurant still maintains its interior design since 1930. Waoooo, It’s so long looooong time ago, isn’t it? At that time, Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch, that’s why you can see the ornament which is written in Dutch language.

(Toko Oen, Malang, East Java, Indonesia)

The second place that I’ve visited is Jatim Park 2. There are 2 kinds of Parks. If you visit Jatim Park 1, you’ll have many kinds of games for fun, but I prefer to visit Jatim Park 2, because it not only has fun games, but it also has an interesting museum and also zoo. Make sure that you have a lot of time to visit Jatim Park 2, because you’ll need a whole day for walking around this area! 😀

(Jatim Park 2 Museum – Mammoth Fossil)

(Jatim Park 2 Museum – Animals Preservation)

(Jatim Park 2 – Batu Secret Zoo)

Hmmm… Or maybe you want to be Tarzan? Don’t worry! There is also a ‘tree-house’ which located near to the zoo! Just open your window, and yell out “AUO…UO…UO…” then all of the animals can hear you! You can stay in this unique hotel for couple days and enjoy your ‘wild life’ like a Tarzan 😉

(Jatim Park 2 – Pohon (Tree) Inn)

And for last, I’ll take you to my favorite restaurant, Lol, maybe you will surprise because this traditional meal is served on the banana leaf, not on the plate. But, trust me, it’s sooooooo delicious! Yummy! This traditional meal called ‘pecel madiun’. It’s similar to salad, but for sauce is made from peanuts and served along with rice. Enjoy it! :9

(Pecel Madiun – traditional meal from East Java)

That’s all my dear visitors, I hope that you enjoy in reading this post! Have a nice day for you all!

Classic Ice Cream

21 Aug

One day, I entered an ice cream café and ordered a cup of coco-ice cream. When I tasted the coco-ice cream, there was a funny experience. Suddenly, this ice cream reminded me about my childhood. How come? Did you ever have the same experience? When you found ‘something’ that you didn’t see for a long time, it made you remembering about your activities in the past and you miss it so much. That’s what happened to me.

I remember when I was a child, my mom always fill out the refrigerator with my favorite ice cream, Manna Ice Cream, because she knew that I love this ice cream very much and so did my friends. After school time, my friends came to my house to eat ice cream together.

Manna Ice Cream is a local brand, and it was a famous brand. Every store used to sell this ice cream. It produces many kind of ice cream taste, such as chocolate, coconut, durian, strawberry, tutti-frutti, etc. Now, I can tell you that the taste of ice cream is so very ‘classic’ and so 90’s! Lol. Yea, when I tasted this ice cream, I remembered about that time. My little friends, my old neighborhood, my yard, and ‘pong-pong’, my cat…

Overall, I surprised to know that this ice cream still exist in this time, because for a long time, I didn’t see this product anymore. I know, there are many brands of ice cream products, and it might be tough in rivalry. The seller told me ‘Now, Manna Ice Cream only can be found at this place’.

Lovely Family

6 Aug

What do you think about this word? And what are you wish for? Currently, I’m learning this word after I watched serials movie, Parenthood. I really love this serials movie and very recommended to watch. This movie tells us about ‘what a family means’? It’s not a simple thing because every family has their own problems, but the main point is how we solve the problem? Surely, family support has a big role to solve problems in daily life, and the Braverman proved it. Day by day, problems always come in their life, and this family shows us how they handled the problems and so amazing! It’s all about ‘take and give’ and also ‘honesty’. Well, nobody’s perfect, we know that, then? Respecting between parent and their children is an important thing, whatever he/ she is.

First time, I surprised to know that Braverman still keep their relations among the family members as family’s tradition, because I thought that this extended-family’s relation only appears in East (Is that true that most of the families in West still maintain the idea of extended-family?).

Every week, they do ‘a family meeting’, share their daily experiences, and discuss together. I think that this is an ideal family type 😉
I wish that someday I found this family type.

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” (Anthony Brandt)

“Death Note” Talks

19 Jul

Both Light Yagami (Yagami Raito/ Kira) and L are my favorite ‘nendoroid’ characters. The characters come from ‘Death Note’ Japanese animation series.

I like playing nendoroids. From this activity, I can imagine many scenarios of conversation. Look! How cute they are! xD

What are they talking about? Could you tell me? 😉


Well,it’s very interesting, isn’t it?