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Bonnie and Clyde in Action

6 Jul

At the end of months, the police officers in my city usually do some inspections. They will check our driving license and vehicle registration for the security. If there any something wrong with those documents, then we have to pay for fines. My friends, who came from other cities, surprised of this frequent activity, “Wao! It can make me broke!” Yea definitely, they don’t have complete documents.

That was happen on me when I and my boyfriend were going to someplace. I could see how his face so pale when he saw there were so many police officer (He ever had a bad experience with police officer)

“Oh no! We should go back!” he said.

“What?! No! Don’t! It’s not possible to go back! This is one-way! You can’t go back!” I was shocked when we just too close hit a car. A police officer knew what we did and he commanded us to step aside.

“We’re going to die… My driving license has expired! Moreover, I don’t bring the vehicle registration….” My boyfriend said to me.

O.. God! I don’t know what to say when my boyfriend told the bad thing, so I just calculate the number and how much we should pay for the fines while my boyfriend met the police officer, and there was not enough money for pay fines! So, I just waited.

Five minutes later, my boyfriend came and talked to me, “Listen, we have to runaway, just act that everything is fine. You see… there are many police officers outside.”

“How ‘bout your driving license? They took that.”

“Don’t worry, it is expired… Did you know that my driver license is illegal? I put my fake address on it. Moreover I’m going to move other city next month for job. So don’t worry, they can’t find me.”

It might be crazy, but… okay, I followed his direction. So, we pass through the officer, took the scooter, and gone! Say ‘Bye’ to the police officers!

“You know, If you live with me, you must do some crimes like this.” My boyfriend said. Really? Like Bonnie and Clyde? Therefore for the readers, please don’t do what we did.


God Save My Life

1 Jul

For many times I have traveled by airplane and I used to be not afraid for flight, but for now, it can be said that I hate to fly with a national airplane. I still remember, there were plane accidents in 2001-2005, in my country, Indonesia, for 29 times! (It’s a fantastic number, isn’t?) How come? Some airplanes were taken from other countries and some of them are “old stuff”. That’s why I can’t trust in national flight safety.

Today, I took a flight and that was a creepy experience which made me shocked. There was turbulence which affected the whole of plane shaken. I looked at the window and so cloudy…. The pilot informed to the passenger that we have to wait till 1 hour because it was not possible for landing because there was a bad weather. A man who seated next to me just whispered in pray. Oh God what should I do? I do nothing….just pray and pray….many things in my mind…I’m not married yet, not having a children yet, not wearing hijab yet, not finish journey yet, and that’s it? If anything happen in my life at this time, then what I live for?
So, thanks God for saving my life and give a chance for me, because He understands that I should do the best thing in life and reach all my dreams.
The plane had succeed in landing. However I could see that the passengers were so panic. Well, for the next trip I prefer to take land transportation.

Feeling desperate – Being a vampire

5 Jun

I wanna be a vampire…

In my opinion,vampire is a creature who has freedom and he/ she is also independently. No need for family that binds you with many rules, no need for formal school (perhaps they can take unformal education :p), no need for getting a job because all that they needed is only blood,they should not spend their money for buy any food and also vehicles,because they can fly. Because of this independently, it means that vampires need not to see them, annoying people. Yea, many annoying people out there that I don’t really want to see.
I’m so tired tonight…. Is there any vampire who walks along the street in front of my house? Please suck my blood and say “welcome to my world”.

Feeling Indescribable – Fight the obstacles!

5 Jun

I wish I could stop the time…that is what I really want this time… 😦

I don’t know why?maybe I was wrong to be like this,but I feel that there are many problems which are waiting for me. That’s why I’m not ready to see the obstacles or difficulties. Perhaps my life could be worst than this time,because of the obstacles,or perhaps not?In this case, I choose for the 2nd possibility,of course there is no one who want to have a bad life,right?So that is my reason why I really wanna stop the time. I don’t wanna see problems which is waiting for me… ToT

Is there any option for me to keep away from the obstacles? 😦 or maybe I have to against all the obstacles? I wish time would run very fast,then I can leave this uncertainty, 😦 but…. I think it is impossible because time would not run very fast 😦
So, the only that I can do is against all the obstacle! Go fight! I believe that I will have a good opportunity in the future after I fight all the obstacles and difficulties!