God Save My Life

1 Jul

For many times I have traveled by airplane and I used to be not afraid for flight, but for now, it can be said that I hate to fly with a national airplane. I still remember, there were plane accidents in 2001-2005, in my country, Indonesia, for 29 times! (It’s a fantastic number, isn’t?) How come? Some airplanes were taken from other countries and some of them are “old stuff”. That’s why I can’t trust in national flight safety.

Today, I took a flight and that was a creepy experience which made me shocked. There was turbulence which affected the whole of plane shaken. I looked at the window and so cloudy…. The pilot informed to the passenger that we have to wait till 1 hour because it was not possible for landing because there was a bad weather. A man who seated next to me just whispered in pray. Oh God what should I do? I do nothing….just pray and pray….many things in my mind…I’m not married yet, not having a children yet, not wearing hijab yet, not finish journey yet, and that’s it? If anything happen in my life at this time, then what I live for?
So, thanks God for saving my life and give a chance for me, because He understands that I should do the best thing in life and reach all my dreams.
The plane had succeed in landing. However I could see that the passengers were so panic. Well, for the next trip I prefer to take land transportation.


6 Responses to “God Save My Life”

  1. almira sita July 1, 2011 at 4:47 am #

    i think, better choose plane rather than any other land transportation here….
    the percentage number of accidents of land transportation is much higer than plane…

    moreover…think twice to go to other city by bus….they drive crazily 😦

    • nilanila July 1, 2011 at 8:50 am #

      Really?? well, It’s better for the government in managing the transportation in Indonesia then people can trust in the safety of transportation.

  2. Triiz July 4, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    ypuz, sama mba nila
    I laso had the same experience while in the sky by indonesian plane. I think the plane is something fun but in fact cloud also can such as gravel that shake when we get on a plane 🙂

    btw, paham ga mba sama tulisan saya ato malah tambah bingung nih :mrgreen:
    saya beri artinya ya biar ga salah tafsir *alasan klasik biar bisa di koreksi sama yg nulis :mrgreen:

    saya juga pernah mengalami pengalaman yang sama ketika berada di langit dengan pesawat indonesia. saya kira naik pesawat adalah sesuatu yang menyenangkan tapi nyatanya awan juga bisa seperti kerikil yang mengguncang saat kita naik pesawat

    saya nulis komentar kayak gini aja sampai bolak-balik ke google translate terus padahal jadinya cuma sedikit dan belum tentu juga bener tu tulisan 🙂

    but, well semua itu ga ada yang mudah, memang butuh perjuangan walaupun harus bolak-balik terus it’s OK,hehehe..

    this maybe sound a bit silly, but beneran dari dulu saya masih bingung mba tentang grammar. present, past, future, I’m confused when to use it.

    tapi makasih bgt ya atas sarannya, jgn bosen2 jg ngoreksi klo ada tulisanku yg salah 🙂

    • nilanila July 4, 2011 at 5:42 am #

      Halo mas tris, so it can be said that I’m not the only one who think that national flight in Indonesia is not safety :p
      Okay mas, gpp kog, ga usah sungkan2 kalo minta pendapat ttg penggunaan bahasa inggris, tapi sebenernya saya juga ga begitu fasih dalam berbahasa inggris. Selama saya bisa bantu ya akan saya bantu, tadi hasil koreksi ‘ala saya’ sudah saya kirim ke alamat email mas triiz. 🙂
      boleh email saya mas, kalau ada tulisan yang bisa saya edit, asal jangan panjang2 yahhh…. 250 kata aja, xixixi

      • Saru Singhal July 6, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

        Yeah, flying can be scary at times. I don’t see any ‘Follower List’ in your blog, want to follow your blog. Please enable your follower function in case you have disabled it.

  3. nilanila July 7, 2011 at 4:00 am #

    Hi Singhal, thanks for visit my blog 🙂
    Yea, I think this site does not provides the ‘follower list’, that’s why you can’t see the ‘follower list’ in my blog. But I try to find the widget.

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